Tekken 6 for PC


Frequently Asked Questions

" I am unable to connect. I always get 'Not connected to game server' "

Windows 7 has a bug with network adapters which is fixed by an update.
Update your Windows with latest updates from Windows Update.
Video tutorial: watch

" Online play is very slow. "

You need to play against players who have low ping to you.
<50ms is optimal for full speed.
<100ms is still playable but slower.
Anything over 100ms is unplayable.

" I can't see my ping. I only see the pings of others. "

The connection betweens players is direct, without a server in between for minimum latency.
So the software shows your ping to each of the players. The ping to yourself would be zero.

" I have a question which is not addressed here. "

Go to the Online Lobby and contact the developer taco / kebabsorm1.

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